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We make adoption an option.

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An adoption loan from AdoptionLender provides up to $40,000 to cover all adoption costs. In minutes, you can receive financing to finalize an adoption. Utilize AdoptionLender's affordable loan options today!

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How much does Adoption Cost?

The cost of an adoption can depend on many factors. Are you looking to adopt a foster child, a baby, or a child with disabilities? Estimating an adoption's cost can be as difficult as the adoption itself. To adopt a foster child, it can cost around $2,000, on average If you are using a non-profit adoption agency's services to adopt a baby, the prices start from $10,000 and go to $30,000. Lawyer and adoption agency fees, the child's birth expenses, medical care costs, and many other factors affect the final price. Adoption costs like these are why AdoptionLender provides adoption loans with low rates and reasonable terms.

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